About Focused Therapies


I have worked in all kinds of jobs, from residential care homes, home care, holiday park cleaning, supermarkets, cafes and victim support.

I have a diploma in domestic and sexual Abuse, and have spent the past 3 years working with victims of all types of crime.

I also specialise in Reiki as a Reiki teacher and have successfully run my own business.

I am driven by the focus of helping others, am a kind, caring and empathetic person who will always go above and beyond for my clients. I am here to help in any way I can.


I have a degree in psychology and a keen interest in improving mental health across the board. I have studied the clinical approach to helping people for many years, and although I agree there is room for both, I have found that a holistic approach is more favourable, none invasive and can be given to almost anyone.

I believe that a person’s mental health, trauma realated illness as well as every day problems can be helped much more efficiently when coming from more broader angles. Holistic therapy provides this and I believe this method of healing should be accessible for everyone who needs it, not just those who can afford it. I have run my own successful holistic well-being business for 3 years now. I have an extensive portfolio of accredited qualifications in many healing modalities. I am a Master Teacher in Reiki healing therapy, trained to the highest degree, I am an Access Bars Practioner, crystal healer, Intuitive energy healer, yoga meditation teacher, Kundalini yoga teacher and holistic talking therapist amongst other things.

I will soon qualify as a Neuro-linguistic programming Practioner and a crisis and trauma healing counsellor.

On top of the accreditation and qualifications, I believe the most important thing here is that I have lived experience of domestic abuse, diagnosis of mental illnes and trauma so I am relatable to many and I have developed my own ways to heal, and live a wonderful life in spite of my past.

I am so ambitious and driven when it comes to healing mental health holistically. I love helping people find ways to feel good in mind, body and soul. Improving a person’s self awareness, and allowing them to create a beautiful balanced life that works best for them.

Holistic healing healed me, I have used my skills to help others on their healing journey and I know I can help many more.


I have a degree in mental health nursing I worked in the NHS for over 8 years working with both male and female/ older and working age clients who have complex mental illnesses. I have worked in a wide range of mental health settings including both in-patient and community. After leaving the NHS I had a career break to look after my daughter I then worked in care and for third sector charities including Women out west. My job role included running personal development courses to build women’s self-esteem after experiencing trauma. I also have a special interest in menopause and hormonal health I am certified as a Holistic menopause coach/ wellness coach.

I also have qualifications in Yoga and meditation, CBT and mindfulness and soon to be trained Reiki.

I am extremely passionate about working with people who have struggled with their mental health, I too have my own experience of mental health and personal struggles. I am a non-judgemental support for vulnerable clients offering them a safe space to talk and feel heard.